RW SGC Starglitter Santana of TheRealms (REFERENCE ONLY; HE’S NOW RETIRED.)
Best Bengal for the SW Region 2012, 8th Best Shorthair Cat SW Region 2012, 14th Best Cat for the SW Region 2012,
Best Brown/Black spotted Bengal for the SW Region 2012
HCM Normal 11-13-2011, 03/16/13 by Dr. Sarah Miller, DVM, DACVIM,
PK Deficiency Normal (Negative)Santana1Santana 3



KOPPIEKATZ REMINGTON (my husband gave up his rifle $ for him)
Kanpur Orion x Koppiekatz Beauty

Remington’s first show He did quite well, and had a great time with everyone, especially the judges. I will have to say, He’s much more beautiful in person, so much fun, and such a big sweetheart.  Thank you Bruce and Viki for letting this precious boy come share our home with us. He’s super!

PK deficiency n/n
Fiv/Felv negative
HCM Normal, Dr. Miller,
Both parents are tested and HCM Normal
Winner of the Jean Mill Visionary Award for Best Male Kitten 2016


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