Female Bengal Breeders

Our Queens are screened for HCM Tested for FIP, Fiv, Felv They are fed high quality foods, Vitamins and given optimal care at all times in preparation for Motherhood.


RW DGC Koppiekatz Rianna of TheRealms
SIRE: RW QGC TheRealms Gigolo of Bishops Bengals
DAM: Purreciouspots Petra of Koppiekatz Bengals
HCM Neg., 07-21-12 Dr. Sarah Miller, DVM, DACVIM
PK Def N/N (normal by parentage)

OD27_090 OD27_099 OD27_104 OD27_112



Jungletime Ice Angel of TheRealms
2017 Second Best Bengal Kitten of the Year
2017 Twenty Fourth Best Kitten of the Year
HCM Normal 2016
angel angel2 angel3 angel4 angel5





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