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Show News

New “2017 Regional Winner” Jungletime Ice Angel Of TheRealms

CH Sugar Of TheRealms

W SGC Starglitter Vanila Ice of TheRealms

  • Supreme Grand Championed in 6 Shows

  • 2012 Best Seal Mink Spotted Bengal SW Region

  • 2012 2nd Best Bengal Cat SW Region

  • 2011 Triple Grand Champion Regional West

Supreme Grand Champion 2011 Regional West
2012 Grand Champion 2011 Regional West
Double Grand Champion 2011 Regional West
Champion 2011 Regional West
HCM Negative Screened 2012 & 2013 by Dr. Sarah Miller DVM, DACVIM
PK Deficiency Normal (but carrier) at UC Davis


SGC Shangripaws Remo of Eqistice
Supremed in 3 shows.
Our Santana’s 1st. Supreme 

RW QGC TheRealms Tiama
Top 20 shorthair cat 2013-2014
SIRE: RW SGC Starglitter Santana of TheRealms
DAM:  RW SGC Tatsu Safira of TheRealms
HCM Normal, 6-22-13 Dr. Sarah Miller, DVM, DACVIM
PK Def. N/N (normal by parentage)

RW SGC Tatsu
2013 SW Region #1 Seal Spotted Sepia Tabby
2013 SW Region 20th. Best Cat
2013 Internationally
2nd. Best Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby

RW DGC Koppiekatz Rianna

RW GC TheRealms Karmel Ice

#1 Seal Silver Mink Marble
#20 Shorthair Cat
OD SGC TheRealms Jewely of Rowan Bengal
#2 Silver Seal Lynx Point for 2008-2009
#2 Silver Seal Lynx Point for 2010
#2 Silver  Seal Lynx Point for 2010
RW SGC TheRealms Excalibur of Starglitter
3rd BEST Bengal Kitten SC REGION

Brissinger 10-18-2009 003
RW SGC TheRealms Brissinger of Penasquitos Bengals
15th. Best Cat in SW Region 2010
8th Best Shorthair Cat SW Region 2010
Jean Mill Visionary Award for 2010

Obobtor Platinum Ice of TheRealms
Ice has produced 3 Supreme Grand Champions
1 Double Grand Champions, and one TGC
making her an Outstanding  Dam!

DGC TheRealms Dimonz on Ice
1st. Silver Seal Lynx Point to Title

CH TheRealms Antonio

silver boy 1 04-15-07
CH TheRealms Sterling Masterpiece

RW SGC TheRealms Picasso
1st. Silver Seal Lynx Point to Supreme
CH TheRealms Jada

CH TheRealms Dare to Dream of Asianexotics

CH Therealms Gustavequintillus
photo coming soon

IW/RW SGC TheRealms Ringo of KCs Junglebabes
Tica’s #2 Bengal Internationally
#1 Bengal in the U.S.A. for 2008
arielle-chanan14 05-20-07
SGC TheRealms Arielle
Matisse collage 01-08
CH TheRealms Matisse of LaMancha Bengals
Triton Jim Child's show photo
RW SGC TheRealms Try Me Now of Jungletime Bengals
purrl-chanan7 05-20-07
TheRealms Purrl Ice
Best Black Silver Spotted  Tabby Bengal 2007-2008
#2 Best Kitten in the SW Region for the  2007
Tica’s #4 Bengal for 2008
SW Regions Best Shorthair Cat for 2008
#1 Bengal for SW Reg
Brandy Chanan photo
RW SGC Chisholmtrail Firebrand
Internationally Best Ocicat 2008-2009
Best Choclate Silver Ocicat 2008-2009
SW Region 14th. Best Kitten 2008-2009
SW Region Best Ocicat 2008-2009
SW #2 Shorthair 2008-2009
Amorosa chanan 3
RW SGC TheRealms Amorosa
Winner of the 2009 Jean Mill Visionary Award
#17 Shorthair SW Region
#1 Silver Bengal SW Region
#2 Silver Bengal Internationally
Ch. Penasquitos Tru of TheRealms
2010 Third Best Seal Silver Spotted Lynx Point Tabby
QGC TheRealms TruPlayer of Sierraslove
CH TheRealms Airborne of Soldierfire


TGCTheRealms Flash
Best Alter under Alice Rhea

Recent Posts

Welcome to TheRealms Bengals!

SALY TIAMA KITTENS 06-06-2015 005 UNICA 07-09-2015 006 11-15-015#2
Example of cats that we have bred or are currently showing.                   

Cat shows are taking your best kittens or adult cats to show them to other feline exhibitors, Judges, and spectators.  The primary objective is to have a Judge place your cat in the “Finals” and having that cat go on to acquire their Championship.  Sitting with friends and chatting, comparing notes on how a certain cat is doing at the show.  Being active members in cat clubs, and helping put together cat shows.  This is “our” hobby, it’s what we love to do.  It’s all about being with friends, and around other individuals who enjoy the same interests.

We are a small hobby cattery, so when we breed it is mainly to produce kittens that will go on to be our next show cats for the cat show season.

Lydia and I are relatively new to the cat world.  We raised, trained and exhibited our dogs before venturing into cats.  I have been showing dogs for forty years.  I met my wife at a dog show, and we were even married at a dog show.  But sixteen years of raising large dogs got to us and we decided to look for a smaller breed of dogs.  We had no idea that our interest in finding a smaller breed of dog would eventually lead us in the world of Bengal cats!  During the time we were in search of a smaller breed, “Starbengal’s Splendor” appeared in the local newspaper.  We were awestruck by the photos of a gorgeous black and white spotted Bengal cat with his owner Earl Shropshire in our local paper.  Lydia asked me if I would be interested in looking at the Bengal cat as an alternative for a small dog.   We researched the Bengal breed for two years, before we decided it was time to take the big step on purchasing our first cat, a silver Bengal Female, which is our now “Outstanding Dam”, the beautiful “Ice”.

We live in Southern California, and we show our cats and are active members of two Cat Clubs.  As “hobby” breeders, we produce a few litters a years.  We have met some of the greatest individuals through cats and cat shows and have made lasting friendships thanks to them.

With Silver Bengals finally able to show for their championships in TICA, we successfully have shown our Dimonz on Ice to her Championship, and her last show she received eight finals, one of those a “Best Cat” in a Bengal Congress of 31 Bengals.  This is the foundation we hope to build on; developing a clear coated Silver Snow Bengal, with an outstanding structure.  We owe our success to several breeders, Bob Torquato for breeding Ice, Linda Evans for allowing us to breed Ice to Jean Luc, Connie and Chuck Pealer for taking pity on us and helping with some of our best breeding’s, and Les Hall for taking the time to point us in the right direction with our silver Bengal program, the rest is history, which without God’s blessings would have remained a dream.

We are best known for our excellent Bengal temperaments,  Bengal Show Cats, Silver Bengals, Silver Snow Bengals, and also our Brown Rosetted Bengals as well as our Beautiful Bengal Kittens.  We live in California so we do breed all year long, and do have Bengal kittens available all year round.  Please see our Available Bengal Kittens Page for current Bengal Kittens.