Our Stud cats are screened for HCM Tested for FIP, Fiv, Felv They are fed high quality foods, Vitamins and given optimal care at all times in preparation for Breeding. 

RW SGC Starglitter Santana of TheRealms


Best Bengal for the SW Region 2012, 8th Best Shorthair Cat SW Region 2012, 14th Best Cat for the SW Region 2012,
Best Brown/Black spotted Bengal for the SW Region 2012
HCM Normal 11-13-2011, 03/16/13, 4/15, 6/31/17.

KOPPIEKATZ REMINGTON (my husband gave up his rifle $ for him)


Remington’s first show He did quite well, and had a great time with everyone, especially the judges. I will have to say, He’s much more beautiful in person, so much fun, and such a big sweetheart.  Thank you Bruce and Viki for letting this precious boy come share our home with us. He’s super!

PK deficiency n/n
Fiv/Felv negative
HCM Normal, Dr. Miller, 2015 and Dr. Reed, 6/2016
Both parents are tested and HCM Normal
Winner of the Jean Mill Visionary Award for Best Male Kitten 2016