RW SGC TheRealms Purrl Ice

 Best Black Silver Spotted  Tabby Bengal 2007-2008
#2 Best Kitten in the SW Region for the  2007
Tica’s #4 Bengal for 2008
SW Regions Best Shorthair Cat for 2008
#1 Bengal for SW Reg 


RW SGC Chisholmtrail Firebrand

 Internationally Best Ocicat 2008-2009
Best Choclate Silver Ocicat 2008-2009
SW Region 14th. Best Kitten 2008-2009
SW Region Best Ocicat 2008-2009
SW #2 Shorthair 2008-2009 


RW SGC TheRealms Amorosa

 Winner of the 2009 Jean Mill Visionary Award
#17 Shorthair SW Region
#1 Silver Bengal SW Region
#2 Silver Bengal Internationally 


Ch. Penasquitos Tru of TheRealms

 2010 Third Best Seal Silver Spotted Lynx Point Tabby